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Focusing on one's Strengths is a simple yet the most proven way to succeed.

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The concept of Strengths based Development is useful across fields. It is applicable in workplaces, colleges, schools,Associations, NGOs and more.


Importantly it also works in the family! Parents and Children benefit by adopting a Strengths based positive environment at home.

Adopt a Strengths approach to achieve your goals and lead a fulfilling life!

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Irrespective of age, gender, educational background, profession and career interests individuals have immensely benefitted from knowing and applying  their  strengths.


If you are looking to improve your relationships with people at work, your manager, your peers or  those in the family, getting to know other's strengths puts you at an edge. 

Strengths based Development is applicable for all individuals, whether you are a Working Professional, College Graduate, School Student or a Parent!

Explore on how developing and investing in your Strengths can give you astonishing results!

Our Strengths Development Programs are custom designed to suit each of the Participant groups.

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Behavior Change Coaching Toolbox

ChangeWindow is a five stage coaching process, undertaken as a series of 6 to 8 coaching sessions. The coaching process is designed to


  • Enable the coachee create behavior shifts within the framework of an end goal
  • Help the coachee access his/her self-limiting beliefs
  • Aid the coachee in adopting an operating style that maximizes his/her success across varied goal situations. Read More

DescriptorMaps is designed for creating behavior change through thorough Self analysis. This Self Analysis tool can be used independently as a coaching program or as part of a larger coaching engagement.


Whether you are coaching your client on his business, his career, his family or his spiritual well-being, the DescriptorMaps coaching tool is designed to create powerful shifts in the way coachees look at themselves.Read More


Our Transformational Coaching practice focuses on design, development and application of powerful coaching processes that aid lasting behavior change in individuals.


These coaching solutions are designed from Positive Psychology principles and allow the coachee to tap resources and information from their mind, body and emotions. The coaching methodology adopted here have helped many professionals, students and entrepreneurs revisit their hard wired habits and adopt more positive and enriching behaviors that are giving them the real change in their lives.


Who can use Behavior Change Coaching tools?

  • If you are coach, looking for sound coaching techniques to create positive impact on your client’s behavior, you can buy from our toolbox what could be the most appropriate coaching solution for you and your client. Each of these coaching solutions is in a format that is ready to use right away. They are also easy to adopt. Each coaching solution is comprehensive, and is designed with a rigor on creating the end outcome for your client. Each of the coaching solutions comes with a series of tools, techniques and detailed process guidelines for the coach on how to run the coaching process.


  • If you are a professional or an individual looking to undertake transformational change work for yourself, these coaching solutions are self applicable. The techniques provided here are easy to adopt and you could undertake these techniques, at your own pace and comfort.


Strengths Academy is a Coaching and Training school based on Positive Psychology practices. The Academy is associated with leading research organizations dedicated to developing impactful tools and techniques that have produced far-reaching results to leaders across the globe.


Strengths Academy focuses on developing individuals’ strengths, their talents, their natural ways of thinking and behaving. Through research based scientific techniques we have enabled numerous students and emerging leaders master their natural talents and create positive results in academic performance, career development, people relationship management and much more.

We work with world leaders in Positive Psychology practices. All of our Trainings and Coaching sessions extensively use time tested and research based techniques from each of the below disciplines.

Behavioral Research & Talent Analysis

Strengths Academy uses Talent Assessments and Behavioral Research techniques to spot talent and direct that talent towards academic and career performance.These Assessments are based on up-to-date Behaviour Research conducted globally by Gallup Consulting, USA. Gallup is the world's leading research and consulting firm in Behavior and Talent Analysis.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Training sessions rely on research based NLP techniques. These techniques enable our facilitators to instill positve thinking and positive behaviour change in the participants. Strengths Academy uses NLP techniques in association with Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming , (ANLP) a UK based organization.

Human Performance Coaching

Our personalised Coaching sessions are focused around breaking coachee's mental barriers to performance. We work on removing limiting beliefs such that the coachee is transformed to act and succeed. Our Coaching methodologies revolve around the practices and guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF), USA.